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Domas Aleksa new album - Trippin


Domas Aleksa is a highly accomplished electric bass player, songwriter, and producer hailing from Lithuania. His unique musical style seamlessly blends elements of jazz, world music, hip hop, rock, and electronic genres.

Domas's musical journey began at the age of 6 when he started learning classical music on the cello. He eventually progressed to playing in a string orchestra. At the tender age of 12, he began learning to play bass guitar, igniting a passion that would shape his musical career. He delved into jazz harmony on fretted bass, and it didn't take long before the fretless bass took the place of the cello…

Domas's prolific discography boasts over 40 albums recorded for diverse bands, projects, and producers, in addition to his four solo albums. His latest album, 'Trippin,' released in 2023, features Berlin-raised vocalist Nnaji, adding soulful spice to the music.

Domas's impressive roster of collaborations includes esteemed artists such as Phillip Hamilton, Otis Taylor, Hernan Romero, Lester Hoyas, Xuman, and T.L. Carrington. He has performed at more than 50 renowned jazz festivals worldwide, including 'Jarasum,' Tokyo, Ottawa, London, Beijing, Seoul, Cairo, Goa, Beijing, and 'Leopolis,' among others, touring across 40 countries.


Beyond his musical prowess, Domas is also the founder of 'The School of Bass' aka "Boso Mokykla" in Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, where he imparts his knowledge through lessons, bass guitar workshops, and masterclasses, inspiring the next generation of aspiring musicians.


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